Energy - Body - Life


Hello and thanks for dropping by and checking out Fueled By Raw.  My name is Sandra I am one of those proud Canadians that love where I from and enjoy every minute of living the west coast lifestyle in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.  As passionate as I am about being Canadian, I am equally passionate about health and wellness.  When I'm not enjoying time with friends, meeting new people, great conversations, listening to music or seeing a live band. I am working out, making healthy meals, trying out new recipes, writing or surfing the web for the latest quotes, inspiration and motivation.  In a nut shell I am a seeker, I want to know everything there is to know about leading a happy, healthy and fulfilling life both mentally and physically.  This is how I feel today on my journey of life, but wasn't always how I felt.


Based on my journey, training, experience and career in the health care field I believe there are 3 key pillars to wellness and they are the foundation of Fueled By Raw.  Energy, Body,  Life


Energy - "Energize Your Mind"

With plant powered foods that are healthier for you and kinder to the planet we live on


Body - "Fuel Your Body"

With the proper nutrients to perform at your best


Life - "Rejuvenate Your Soul"

To restore your mind, body and spirit to live the life you want


My hope is Fueled By Raw will give you the tools, inspiration and motivation on your journey to wellness, no matter what path you are on.


The Journey...


My journey to Fueled By Raw started about 5 years ago when I eventually pushed my body to its limits both physically and mentally. As a teenager, I was always active either running or playing on a sports team.   After training for a marathon, I started to have issues with my IT band (Iliotibial) as many runners do.  It was recommended that I try triathlons instead.  Since I wasn't a swimmer, I decided to try duathlon (running & biking).  I was hooked after my first race, which lead me to a decade of training for duathlon and triathlons.


The Training....


Within the first year of training, I started to have low back pain, but as many athletes I ignored the pain and persevered.  The issue with my back continued and I eventually had to reduce training as I was diagnosed with a herniated disc.   Like many athletes, I didn't give my body enough time to recover.  In my mind, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to learn how to swim so I could transition to triathlons.


I eventually began training again, continued to push through pain while ignoring the key fundamentals of training.  I didn't provide the proper fuel to my body, give it the opportunity to rest and recover or take care of it by adding different holistic treatments to my training regimen. The ignoring of my body lead to many physical injuries (broken ankle, torn meniscus, permanent back issues and immune problems (inflammation, adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue). This eventually forced me to stop training completely which lead to depression.


The Recovery.....


By pushing my body to it's limits for as long as I did, the road to recovery was challenging, I had to heal my body both physically and mentally.   I started off by reducing the inflammation in my body by adopting a raw food lifestyle and becoming a Certified Raw Food Teacher. I was so impressed with the results from a raw food lifestyle that I threw myself into researching and educating myself on the benefits of this lifestyle through reading books, searching the internet, attending conferences and taking the Plant Based Nutrition Course through Cornell University.


My body started to recover physically through the foods I was consuming, the rest time I gave it and the incorporation of holistic treatments, however I was frustrated that my body did not seem to be completely healing. This is when I began to understand the importance of the mind, body connection and why I was not healing.


I had never taken a hard look at how my personality, past, career, family and personal stress had molded and shaped behaviours in me that were unhealthy.  I fell into the "ignorance was bliss" category. Or in other words I was living my life "unconsciously".  As a result,  I was dealing with patterns that I had developed over many years.


As I mentioned above, I am a seeker, so I continued to research and educate myself through books, the internet, seminars, retreats and counselling. From this experience, I learned that trying to undo patterns is A LOT of work, it is an ongoing process, and you are the only one that can do the work to heal yourself, but you do need tools, guidance, inspiration and motivation to do it.


Fueled By Raw.....


The experiences on my journey were frustrating, I struggled knowing where to start, whom to talk to, where to go and then having to piece all the information together was overwhelming and demotivating. I began to feel if a resource existed that incorporated all aspects of wellness, my journey would have been easier.


This is what inspired and motivated me to create Fueled By Raw.  Fueled By Raw is a resource that incorporates all aspects of wellness.  It is equally focused on eating plant powered foods as it is on taking care of your body both physically and mentally.   It is about being totally open, real and honest.  It is about being living your true life.