Lifestyle Wellness Plan 

I believe the concept of a “New Year’s Resolution” is a good start to changing behaviour, but there needs to be a plan of action that guides and holds us accountable to our goals.


When I looked up the definition of “resolution” it says “resolve to do something” or “a course of action determined and decided”. Which by the definition alone doesn’t create a change in behaviour.


For example, in one of the quotes that I posted on Sunday there was a list of “courses of action”:

1. Lose weight

2. Exercise

3. Drink more water

4. Quit Smoking

5. Earlier to Bed


The above are “changeable behaviours”, but only if we do things differently then we have done in the past. For this to happen, we have to change our attitude and actions.


So I thought I would share what I am going to do to make changes and how I am going to do it this year.



1st - Let go of things from 2013 that do not serve me

2nd - Manifest positive change for 2014

3rd - Set goals based on the 3 FBR Pillars (Energy, Body, Life)



1. Let go off things from 2013 or the past that don’t serve me any more 

-Wrote on a piece of paper the top 5 things that I wanted to let go from the past

-Read the top 5 things 3 times out loud

-Burned the paper to bring closure (if you do this, please be careful that it is in a safe environment)


2. Manifest positive change for 2014

-Wrote on a piece of paper the top 5 things I want to manifest in 2014

-I chose to post them on my fridge so I see them every day as a reminder of the things I want to manifest (you can also put them away and look at them in a year to see if the things you wrote did manifest) Your choice!!


3. Set goals/resolutions based on the 3 Pillars of FBR (Energy, Body, Life)

Energy - Drink More Water

Body - More Wellness Experiences - destination and local 

Life - Practice Meditation and Gratitude More 


It is always easier to come up with goals/resolutions, always more challenging to change. We have all been guilty of saying we are going to change something and don’t. In order to be successful in changing behaviour there has to be a plan, follow through and accountability. Well, I know that is what I need or it won’t happen!!!


So I created a Lifestyle Wellness Plan Template that helped me to set my goal for each FBR pillar, create an action plan and measure my accountability.


My hope is that this will motivate and inspire you to start thinking about what behaviour you want to change in 2014.


Find attached the template and my plan as a sample.