Wellness Travel

Wellness Travel truly incorporates the 3 pillars of Fueled By Raw (Energy, Body, Life).


Wellness travel is really about finding balance for our entire body - mind, body and soul. It helps us to rejuvenate, re-energize, promotes a healthier lifestyle, sense of well being and ultimately reduces stress. Which is probably the biggest benefit and something we all need in our lives 


When I started looking into wellness travel for 2014, I came across a company called Renshaw Travel based out of Vancouver that specializes in wellness travel. Jessica and Carly are experts in Wellness Travel Destinations. If you are looking for someone to help you decide what is the best wellness destination for you, I highly recommend reaching out to them.


Get to know them a little more...

Jessica Renshaw


Jessica is a passionate outdoor enthusiast and world explorer. After completing her Kinesiology with

Honours degree at Acadia University she found herself on a 3 month solo trip in Asia. She noticed how

people light up when they speak about their travel experiences, they can remember every detail, the

sights, smells, the street names even months or years after. She saw the impact travel can have on a

person’s life and wanted to be involved in the tourism industry. No sooner after returning to Vancouver

she joined forces with her sister, Carly, who was already working in the travel business that their

Grandfather started over 50 years ago.

Jessica believes strongly in using travel as a catalyst to help achieve a healthy, balanced and happy life.

Her interests include aspects of Holistic health ranging from fitness to yoga, meditation and Ayurvedic

medicine. She also believes strongly in nature's therapeutic qualities and the healing powers of water.

Travel allows Jessica to learn about ethnomedicine as it enables her to gather firsthand knowledge of

traditional medical practices in different cultures around the world.

Growing up around health conscious parents and playing competitive sports, Carly has always had a

passion for health and wellness. In pursuit of that, she studied extensively, first receiving her Bachelor of

Science Degree (BSc) with a focus in Food and Nutrition from the University of British Columbia and

more recently graduating from the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition as a Registered Holistic

Nutritionist (RHN). Her view on nutrition has evolved over the years and she likes to keep it simple:

enjoy the food you are eating, eat slowly and mindfully.


Her mission is to broaden people’s perspectives in the field of health and wellness by offering quality

trips to health conscious destinations. Carly believes that travelling can be a key component in one’s

path to health and well-being. The immersion of oneself into a healing environment can be the missing

and yet essential step in the process of self-discovery and learning how to sustain one’s own health.